About Us

MR. KICCO  Company is committed to providing exceptional coffee and coffee related products based on Premium quality, clean roasting and unbeatable prices. Green beans from around the world are carefully selected, blended and roasted to perfection.

Our secrete in blending and roasting premium quality green coffee beans is used in our roasting facility, during the roasting process our master roaster carefully monitor the the final steps till reach the peak of perfection. 

MR. KICCO CEO & Founder, Enzo Apa, has over 30 years experience in coffee blending and roasting. With his absolute integrity, Enzo is working with an uncompromising commitment for quality, and his passion for coffee is the driving force behind the 

Mr. Kicco  Company. Since 1983, when Mr. Apa entered in the coffee business, he developed and launched a vast varietal of coffee blends for his wholesale partners.
In 1990 Mr. Apa made a significant contribution to the industry as the inventor of Cappuccino Rapido, a foaming device that attaches to any commercial espresso machine steam wand and automatically froth the milk. Recently, Mr. Apa launched the domestic version of his frother, the Enzo Frother, giving the possibility to the coffee lovers which have an espresso-cappuccino machine at home, to produce perfectly foamed milk for a real Italian cappuccino, just like a barista in coffee shops.  The Rapido and the  Enzo are very successful and met tremendous industry-wide acceptance. 

'Knowledge is power. Knowledge assets and intellectual capital are potential source of success. That is why an entrepreneur has to always respond to attractive opportunities by forming new ventures."

Enzo Apa