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  • Kicco-Cup Kona Blend


    Kicco-Cup™ Kona Blend

    Mr. Kicco Coffee® created this premium blend for all our customers that want to experience a single serve Kicco-Cup™ the blend has a sweet aroma and mellow nuanced caramel-mocha undertones. This true Kona blend features real Hawaiian Kona blended with smooth South American beans to create a cup very similar to 100% Kona. Give it a try and find out what this Kona thing is all about!

     1-Box CONT. 12 Count of Original KICCO-CUP™

    Other Bled Available: Donut Shop Blend, European Blend, French Roast, Decaf Blend and Mr. Kicco Blend

    Roasted and Packet by Mr. Kicco Coffee.