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  • Kicco-Cup™ Variety Pack


    Kicco-Cup™  Variety Pack

    24 Assorted Single Serve ”KICCO-CUP™  

    6 Perfect Blends of Single Serve, Fresh Roasted 100% Premium Gourmet Coffee  for use with most Keurig® K-cup® Machines and compatible Single Serve Brewers.

    1-Box Contains 24 Count of  Original Assorted KICCO-CUP™

    ·        4 Mr Kicco Blend (smooth, balanced)

    ·        4 Donut Shop Blend ( medium roast blend, smooth, aromatic)

    ·        4 European Blend (medium body, rich, dark roast) 

    ·        4  French Roast (medium-light body, robust, intense  flavor, dark roasted)

    ·        4 Kona Blend (medium-light body, caramel-mocha undertones, smooth, delicate finish) 

    ·        4 Decaf Blend (rich flavor, strong aroma)

    Enjoy the extraordinary taste of Mr. Kicco Gourmet Coffee  in the convenient format of a single-serve KICCO-CUP™ for use in all Keurig®   K-Cup® brewers. Composed of six blends, all made with 100% Premium Arabica beans, the Mr. Kicco variety pack offers the ideal balance of taste and aroma. KICCO-CUP™ signature coffees are roasted to perfection and air-cooled to create a distinctive, smooth and balanced taste in the convenience of a single-serve Coffee Cup. From Light to Medium and Dark Roast, Mr. Kicco coffee is perfect balanced and enjoyable to the last sip….

    For use in all Keurig®   K-Cup® brewers