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Coffee Roaster

gourmet coffee roaster made in Italy.

Sweet Coffee USA proudly introduces the Gemma Coffee Roaster 100% Made in Italy Perfect for Coffee Shops and Retail store. Big and sophisticated enough for use in a professional coffee shop, or Retail store, the Gemma is for serious Master Roasters or even for beginners. The Gemma roaster is easy to use, thanks to the main control panel that allows to select 10 different pre-set programmed type of roasting from light to dark roast, from single origin to blends. The Gemma roaster can consistently roast up to 4.5 pound of green beans per cycle; roasting time is 18 to 20 Minutes.

Green Pure Kopi Luwak Coffee

100% Wild and Pure Kopi Luwak Coffee ,  Available:  roasted and green .


  • “Kopi Luwak” The most expensive coffee in the World. 
  • Kopi Luwak Coffee is mainly sought-after because of the civet cats unique way of the producing coffee, which gives it its unique flavor; this requires a lot of  time and thus only a limited amount is available. The whole process requires, labor, care and the harvesting process is limited and very difficult.
  • Why Buy wild Kopi Luwak?  Civets that are free to choose what to eat, and can roam around freely to produce a better product.

Milk Frothers

Milk Frother made in USA.

  • With the ENZO FROTHER™ for domestic use or the Cappuccino Rapido for Commercial Use you will eliminate complicated and messy hand steaming of milk. You can now easy create rich and creamy hot foamed milk for cappuccino, hot chocolate and more... in seconds. Every cup will be as perfect as the first cup....Ready to drink hot and foamy, every time.  
  • Buy Your Enzo Frother™ Today.. (Lifetime Guarantee)

Flavored by Mr. Kicco Coffee.

Daily gourmet coffee, small Batch Micro Roast.


  •   All  our Coffees are hand flavored after are Small Batch Artisan Roasted. We  only use Prime Ingredients to make our 30+ Flavored Coffees enjoyable  till the last sip. Mr. Kicco CEO & Founder, Enzo Apa, has over 35  years experience in coffee blending and roasting. All our flavored coffee  are done as soon we receive your order.

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Domestic & Commercial

commercial and domestic espresso machine.

  At Mr. Kicco Coffee, we don't just sell coffee; we offer "Quality and Service Second to None."   Whether you're in the market for your first Espresso Machine, Pasta Machine or any other Equipment for Commercial or Domestic Use, we will help to choose the right one for your needs. Mr. Kicco Coffee directly imports most of the aforementioned brands. This means that you will get the best price and the best service. Call us today… 
  Toll Free 800-600-0461 single serve coffee bean

Services and Repair

espresso coffee machine service .

  •   When become top priority to have your espresso machine serviced, you are in good hands with Mr. Kicco.
  •   Mr. Kicco Coffee Service, Inc. has been a leader in the coffee service industry for more than 35 years. We have provided our customers with the highest quality coffees and state-of-the-art brewing equipment. We offer our clients several options depending on their needs - from Espresso Cappuccino Machines to Gourmet Coffee and Tea brewers.

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