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Artisan Heritage

At Mr. Kicco we love coffee and passionately seek out the best coffee beans from around the world. Sourcing green coffee beans from socially responsible importers, and direct from farmers, roasting the perfect batch, and crafting harmonious blends is a part of what we do. 

 Our focus will always be on the sustainability, seasonality and quality of each and every bean. To do this we work closely with our suppliers to make sure you can have amazing, ethically sourced beans delivered straight to your door. 

 We believe that coffee should be exciting, flavorful, accessible and unique. As Artisan micro-roaster, we produce great tasting coffee by roasting only high quality beans in small batches, and pack it in-house to maintain    optimum freshness for our customers.


Come visit us, enjoy a cup of fresh roasted coffee and you may catch us roasting a fresh batch. Whether you prefer single origins or blends, filter brewed or espresso based drinks we have the perfect beans for your taste.


Blend & Roast Yourself


We don’t believe in roasting all the beans in the same way, so we adjust the 10 pre-set programmed roasting profiles on your Gemma micro roaster in order to bring out the individual qualities, highlighting the sweetness and flavor each coffee has to offer. 

 At Mr. Kicco any customer will have the opportunity to create and roast their own coffee blends by selecting from our single of origin green coffee available.    

At Mr. Kicco, we love to help you get from green coffee beans to a perfect hot cup of freshly roasted coffee.  With our Gemma Coffee Roaster we are carefully roasting every batch to bring out the best flavor and aroma of each bean.  We are roasting excellent coffees everyday for those who appreciate an excellent cup.


Tasting Room

To evaluate each coffee profile we undertake regular cupping sessions to compare and contrast each roast whilst ensuring we are providing the highest quality you expect. All our customers have the choice to test and choose their own favorite coffee. Sharing our coffee knowledge, roasting profiles, and blending techniques allows us to help you choose the perfect coffee for your personal sense and taste.  

Mr. Kicco Coffee

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Sourcing Coffee

Working with responsible importers is very important to us. Therefore, we only purchase our coffee beans from coffee importers whose social and ethical standards align with our own values of fairness and equality. We are proud of the fact that we purchase high quality green coffee beans from importers that work directly with the farmers in the Central and South American regions. These respected coffee partners educate and teach sustainable farming techniques to help farmers lower production costs, conserve and protect natural resources, and improve yields. As a result, farmers are enabled to sell their higher quality coffee beans at fair market prices.

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Micro Roasted Coffee

 As part of Mr. Kicco’s heritage, we only roast small batches of coffee at a time, and pack it in-house to maintain optimum freshness for our customers. Micro-roasting allows us to be intimately involved at every stage of the process.


With our Gemma Coffee Roaster we are carefully roasting every batch to bring out the best flavor and aroma of each bean. Our Artisan Micro Roaster, Gemma, is hand made in Italy, and ensures even roast development throughout each bean, resulting in pure taste at the desired roast profile.

Gemma Micro Roaster

• Beans roasted gently from inside - out

• Chaff and small particles are blown away by air stream; not present later to affect taste

• Narrow roast profiles attained (inside and outside of bean roasted to same degree)

• No bitter or sour tastes

• Consistency delivered by computerized roast master; same roast profile every time.


Our concept is all about making the consumer feel special. Drinking a specialty coffee that has been produced in the right way, and sharing the story behind the cup, is the basis of a great experience. This experience is a combination of education, knowledge, and hospitality. It explains why a coffee is distinctive, why a consumer can taste certain notes, and why high-quality coffee takes so much work. 


The micro-roasters’ advantage over bulk production roasters is that they have the ability to deliver coffee to customers immediately after roasting. It’s a supply chain advantage that large production roasters cannot duplicate.

  When in Hollywood, Florida, visit our on Hollywood Blvd and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with Enzo. 

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Types of Coffee Roasts

As coffee beans roast, several important chemical changes occur that affect the taste of the bean. Perhaps the most notable change is that the beans darken in color the longer they’re roasted. It is by this most obvious change that we classify each roast type.   

Let’s take a look at them in turn, considering the distinguishing features of each roast. Notice that the acidity level of the bean goes down during the roasting process, while the bitterness increases.


Light Roast

Dry and dull, with no oil on the bean

Flavor: Fruity and mild, with stronger acidity. Some feel like this roast has a grassy undeveloped taste. This roast has a strong aftertaste, that some prefer and other do not.

Names: Cinnamon, Light Roast, Light City or Half City

Medium Roast

Dry and dull, with no oil on the bean

Flavor: Stronger, fuller flavor than the light roast beans. Less acidic than the light roast with a strong aftertaste.

Names: City, American, or Breakfast

Dark Roast

 Somewhat shiny and oily to very shiny and oily

Flavor: This roast style is not acidic but has a pronounced taste. The smoky flavors of the roasting process are more pronounced.

Names: Espresso, Italian, French, High, Viennese, or Continental