Roaster for: Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Food Stores

  We manufacture The Gemma Coffee Roaster 100% made in Italy. We only use high quality materials and we stand behind our products as a supply base that enhances the brand. Gemma is sophisticated enough and designed for professional coffee shop, Restaurants or Retail store, the Gemma is for serious Master Roasters or even for beginners. The Gemma roaster is easy to use, thanks to the main control panel that allows to select up to 10 different pre-set programmed type of roasting profiles, from light to dark roast. The Gemma roaster can consistently roast up to 4.5 pound of green beans per cycle;  By adding a the Gemma Roaster in your coffee concept, you will make a difference from all other and will surpass Starbucks way to make coffee. 

How the Gemma work:

Easy as 1, 2 , 3 Simple Step

  • 1st.      Select Program 1 of 10 profile from the PLC control.
  • 2nd. Load      the Green Coffee.
  • 3rd. Unload      the Roasted Coffee into the Basket.

The Funcion:Select program No. 1, the Gemma heating elements start, When the temperature reaches 160° the machine emits the first beep: it means that it is ready to load the green coffee into the Drum.  Note that due to the green coffee at room temperature loaded a drop down of temperature will occur from 160° to 120° – 130°.  Automatically the temperature will rise to 186° as initial set in program No. 1, once the temperature rise to 186° then  the Gemma Roaster will activate the smart curves timer  for a period of 5 minutes, Note that: at this point only a master roaster will know that this is the most critical timing  to produce a perfect and even roast profile. ( Not to worry because the Gemma will do the job automatically with-out a presence of the master roaster).  At the end of the curve timer the heating elements will auto shot-off. The internal fans start cooling the coffee inside the Drum till temperature drop to 98°. At 98° the machine will emit another beep indicate that coffee can be drained into the basket.

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