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    Mr. Kicco Coffee Proudly introduce the Gemma Coffee Roaster 100% Made in Italy Perfect for Coffee Shops and Retail store. 

    The Gemma is Big enough -- and sophisticated enough -- for use in a professional coffee shop, or Retail store the Gemma  is for serious Master Roasters or even for beginners. The Gemma roaster is easy to use, thanks to the main control panel that allow to select from 10 different pre-set programmed type of roasting from light to Dark roast, from single origin to blends. The Gemma roaster can consistently roast up to 4.5 pound of green beans per cycle; roasting time is 18 to 20 Minutes.

    Whatever the blends or the roast type you would like to create, the Gemma Roaster is able to ensure maximum performance.

    The Gemma Roaster is a classical and traditional look, compact and stylish design to attract your loyal customer’s attention. In terms of technology and strength, we use only the highest-grade material and never cut corners. 

    1. Roasting your own coffee is far easier than you’d ever believe. 

    2. Roasting your own is cheaper than buying roasted coffee 

    3. Roasting your own coffee and impress yours Customer. 

    4. Roasting your own and create 

    5. Roasting your own coffee is rewarding unique coffee blends. 

    6. Roasting your own coffee and save big

    Leasing Program

     36 Monthly payments $ 398.00
    48 Monthly payments $ 310.00
    60 Monthly payments $ 260.00
    Lease payments are fully tax deductible as a business expense.
    The terms of the leasing contract are: once all payment are paid you will have the option to buy 


     Gemma  Coffee Roaster  Video