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Micro Coffee Roaster


 Gemma 2Kg. Coffee Roaster

We manufacture The Gemma Coffee Roaster 100% Italy made and  we only use high quality materials. Proudly we stand behind our products as a supply base that enhances the brand.

Gemma is sophisticated enough and designed for professional coffee shop, Restaurants or Retail store, the Gemma is for serious Master Roasters or even for beginners. 



Six Smart Reasons

Why You Should

Roast Your Own Coffee

1) Roasting your own coffee is far easier than you’d ever believe.

2) Roasting your own is cheaper than buying roasted coffee

3) Roasting your own coffee and impress your Customers.

4) Roasting your own and create unique coffee blends.

5) Roasting your own coffee is rewarding

6)  Roasting your own coffee and save big

Simple & Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1st. Select 1 Program of 10 profiles from the PLC control.

2nd. Load the Green Coffee.

3rd. Unload the Roasted Coffee into the Basket.  

Espresso Machine


VIPER Espresso Machine   

Is your concern parts and servicing? Then your best choice is The Viper Espresso Machine Available in 1, 2, and 3 Groups, a machine that last forever. The Viper Espresso Machine are 100% Made in Italy Perfect for Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Hotels and Retail store. With the Viper espresso machine, you can simultaneously produce espresso while frothing your milk and creates a deliciously rich cup of espresso without complications

Our Brew Groups: When extraction is commanded, in a few tenths of a second the water is "called" from the boiler to the heat exchanger and corrected in the desired temperature in a few tenths of seconds before extraction. This guarantees an unsurpassed thermal stability. 

The final temperature is refined in the exchanger which overhangs and heats the group. Thanks to our 50 years and plus experience, all our machine are build to last many years, we use only the best Italian electric components and all our Stainless steel fitting are made by: SERTO  ( manufacture of the Highest      quality Swiss products.

Espresso Grinder


  QUAMAR Bar Grinders

 Quamar Manufacture in Italy professional coffee-grinders and bar equipment for bar and small restaurant.  Aesthetics and ergonomics ease of use and safety, reliability and efficiency are the peculiarity of our products 100% Made in Italy. 

 All our electronic on-demand coffee grinder are user-friendly touch-screen display and touch sensitive keypad.  Depend on the model from the Q50S to the Q 13 Coni E, 54 mm to 84 mm flat and conic blades.  Ideal for busy  or medium daily consumption, Coffee Shops, Restaurant, Hotels, Bakery and Food Store. All our  on demand grinders features electronic dispenser option of 3 measuring and reset-proof dose counter. User-friendly programming, user interface in 7 languages.. 


Pasta Machine


Pasta Machine

For Commercial and Domestic use. 

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Wood Burn Oven


Wood Burn Oven

for commercial and domestic use.

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